Cobalt Ciar's Brain

Last updated December, 2003

The world moves on and it's all I can do to keep up.

Well, here are a few things about myself:
Latest news I seem to update this more than anything else.
Life With Reptiles an ongoing saga.
Rants, Ridiculousness, and Randomness Everyone should rant once in a while.
Collected Quotes Some of these you haven't heard, either...
Recipes Mine and ones I've found.
Picture Galleries c'mon, you love to look at pics, don't you?
Brain tumor it's old news, but interesting nonetheless.
My poetry and I occasionally write more, too!
Wishlist Amazon books I'm interested in...

Here's some of my friend's pages, or just people I like:

My Beloved TTK
Mistress Temptation

And, here are some weird pages and miscellaneous links:

Asylum Eclectica
Demotivatorsť - from Despair, Inc.
you are dumb
North Bay Herpetological Society
Geekhouse list
Bay area free forums/classifieds