Interim Report

    A lot happened between the last entry and the next, but I don't have any pictures for this time period ready for display.  When I have them ready, there will be a link from this page to the gallery page.
    The skinny of it is: Willow got a lot better, and in early March our vet took the pins out and we thought Willow was okay.  She thought she was okay too, and went tearing around the yard like crazy.  She was obviously happy to have those things off her legs.
    Remember Sam the Gorilla-Cat?  Well, he's her buddy, and she adores him.  So when she saw him on the other side of the fence, she just had to find a way to join him.  Our attention had lapsed, and I had recently re-hung the front gate -- too high, to our misfortune.  She managed to wiggle under the gate and went galloping down the street.  The hard surface was too much for her legs (we're guessing), because they spontaneously rebroke.  Willow's screams brought us running, and I just about broke the sound barrier driving us to the vet, Willow huddled in my wife's arms.
    Her legbones on either side of the breaks had become solid (filled with calcium instead of marrow), and our vet could no longer insert pins.  So she wrapped up Willow's legs tight in some huge splints, and sent us home with some calcium supplements, and a promise that she would research other ways of dealing with the problem.
    That's about where the next chapter in this little drama opens..
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