Willow's Home Page

    On our last trip to Los Angeles to visit the family, cobalt bonded with a puppy.  We brought her home, and she's fit right in!  We were a bit worried about how well she'd get along with the cats, but the social heirarchy flexed to accomodate her quite easily.
    Her name is Willow, and she is a Chinese Crested (variety Powderpuff).  People are always asking if she's an Airdale or Terrier, but alas no, she's just a particularly drab-colored Crested.  She won't get much bigger than she is now.  We don't have anything against bigger dogs (we plan on getting a Great Dane when we have our own property, and we love our friends' Labradors), there's just no planning who (or what) you're going to fall in love with.  In this case, it was a tiny dog which vaguely resembles a muskrat.
    This page is primarily an index into her picture galleries, which are ordered chronologically.
  * Five Months Old I took these pics the first day we got her home.
  * Seven Months Old She's growing hair and legs, and playing a lot with Sam the Gorilla-Cat.
  * Broken Legs Willow had an accident this thanksgiving weekend.
  * Interim Report Willow got better, but then broke again.
  * Eleven Months Old Willow is now in a metal leg brace.
  * Fourteen Months Old More images of the amazing bipedal puppy.
  * Twenty-Six Months Old Willow is almost fully recovered.
  * Five Years Old Willow sleeping with Max
  * Seven Years Old New house, with more exciting places to look cute!
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