Unsorted Armor Documents

Modern Armor vol I by Paul Lakowski
Modern Armor vol II by Paul Lakowski
Modern Armor vol III by Paul Lakowski
Modern Armor vol IV by Paul Lakowski
Study on Basic Mechanism of Reactive Armor by Yadav, Bohra, Joshi, Sundaram, and Kamat, Defence Science Journal, 1995
Armor Magazine archives
ENIGMA ("Al-Khafji") armor by Gurth
ENIGMA schematic image
Assorted Ceramic Properties
Composites for Ballistic Applications by Paul J. Hogg
A Unified Model for Long-Rod Penetration in Multiple Metallic Plates by Chocrona, Anderson Jr, Walkerb, and Ravidc, IJIE 28 pp391-411
Properties of ARMOX 370T, an RHA-equivalent steel material, complying with MIL-A-12560

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