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  • Invited Speeches
  • Interior Ballistics
  • Launch Dynamics
  • Exterior Ballistics
  • Warhead Mechanics
  • Terminal Ballistics
  • Vulnerability Modeling and Wound Ballistics
  •  (missing)  Cover Page - Invited Speeches
     IS01_3.pdf The Ballistics of "Hornussen"
     IS02_9.pdf The History of Explosives in Switzerland
     IB__15.pdf Cover Page - Interior Ballistics
     IB01_17.pdf Insensitive High Energy Propellants for Advanced Gun Concepts
     IB02_25.pdf Advanced Cartridge Design for the TERM-KE Round
     IB03_33.pdf High Performance Propulsion Design for Future Kinetic Energy Ammunition
     IB04_41.pdf Ballistic Shelf Life of Propellants for Medium and Small Calibre Ammunition -- Influence of Deterrent Diffusion and Nitrocellulose Degradation
     IB05_49.pdf Development and Validation of a Comprehensive Model of the Plasma Jet Generated by an Electrothermal-Chemical Igniter
     IB06_57.pdf Comparison of 0D and 1D Interior Ballistic Modelling of High Performance Direct Fire Guns
     IB07_65.pdf Two-Phase Flow Model of Gun Interior Ballistics
     IB08_73.pdf Interior Ballistic Principle of High/Low Pressure Chambers in Automatic Grenade Launchers
     IB09_81.pdf Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Internal Ballistics, Including the Simulation of Propellant Motion
     IB10_89.pdf A Two-Dimensional Internal Ballistics Model for Modular Solid Propellant Charges
     IB11_99.pdf Investigations for Modelling Consolidated Propellants
     IB12_107.pdf Burning Characteristics of Foamed Polymer Bonded Propellants
     IB13_115.pdf The Analysis of Gun Pressure Instability
     IB14_123.pdf Influence of Different Ignition Systems on the Interior Ballistics of an EI-Propellant
     IB15_131.pdf A Leading-Detonation-Tube Igniter and its Firing Results in a High Loading Density Separated-Loaded Gun
     IB16_139.pdf Functional Lifetime of Gun Propellants
     IB17_147.pdf Spheroidal Propellant Stabilizer Studies
     IB18_155.pdf Applicability of the Hydrogen Gas Erosion Theory to Conventional Gun Propellants
     IB19_163.pdf Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer in a 120mm Testing Gun Barrel Based on a Space Marching Finite Difference Algorithm for the Inverse Conduction Method
     IB20_171.pdf Analysis of ETC or Classical Manometric Closed Vessel Tests with Coupling of Thermodynamic Equilibrium Calculations: Combustion Rate, Energy Losses
     IB21_179.pdf Variation in Enhanced Gas Generation Rates in Electrothermal-Chemical Closed Chamber Studies
     IB22_187.pdf Plasma Ignition of Consolidated Propellants in a 60-Millimetre ETC Gun
     IB23_195.pdf Plasma Ignition and Combustion
     IB24_203.pdf Discussion on Emission Spectroscopy Measurements from a Dense Electrothermal Launcher Plasma
     LD__211.pdf Cover Page -- Launch Dynamics
     LD01_213.pdf Sabot Discard Model for Conventional and Electromagnetic Launch Packages
     LD02_223.pdf Experimental and Simulation Analysis of Setback in Gun Launch
     LD03_231.pdf Measurements of Muzzle Brake Effectiveness
     LD04_239.pdf Transitional Motion of KE Projectiles and Governing Factors on Jump
     LD05_249.pdf Numerical Simulation of Intermediate Ballistics for Gun and Rocket Systems
     LD06_257.pdf Multistage Method for Acceleration of Bodies by a Railgun
     LD07_265.pdf Computation of Muzzle Flow Fields Using Unstructured Meshes
     LD08_273.pdf Modeling of Fume Extractors
     LD09_281.pdf Modeling and Simulation of the Gas Charging and Discharging Processes on Gun Bore Evacuator
     LD10_289.pdf Numerical Analysis of the Propagating Blast Wave in a Firing Range
     LD11_297.pdf Intermediate Ballistics Unsteady Sabot Separation: First Computations and Validations
     LD12_307.pdf Temperature and Heat Transfer at the Commencement of Rifling of a 155mm Gun
     LD13_315.pdf Gun Barrel Erosion: Study of Thermally Insulating Layers
     LD14_323.pdf A Study on the Erosion Characteristics of the Micropulsed Plasma Nitrided Barrel of a Rifle
     LD15_333.pdf Friction and Wear Mechanism at High Sliding Speeds
     LD16_341.pdf Increasing the In-Bore Velocity Measurements Resolution Using Non "Fourier" Time-Frequency Analysis
     LD17_347.pdf The Development of Composite Sabots for Kinetic Energy Projectiles
     LD18_355.pdf Structual Analysis of a Kinetic Energy Projectile for Medium Caliber Gun
     LD19_363.pdf Joining Jacket and Core for Jacketed Steel/Tungsten Penetrators
     LD20_373.pdf Soft Recovery of Large Calibre Flying Processors
     LD21_379.pdf New Materials for Large-Caliber Rotating Bands for High Charges
     LD22_387.pdf Methodology for Hardening Electronic Components for Gun Launch Survival
     LD23_395.pdf Adiabatic Depressurisation of Vented Vessels
     LD24_403.pdf Solid Fuel Ramjet (SFRJ) Propulsion for Artillery Projectile Applications -- Concept Development Overview
     EB__411.pdf Cover Page -- Exterior Ballistics
     EB01_413.pdf Transonic Aerodynamic and Scaling Issues for Lattice Fin Projectiles Tested in a Ballistics Range
     EB02_421.pdf Flight Dynamics of a Projectile with High Drag Retarder Devices at Subsonic Velocities
     EB03_429.pdf Flight Test Results of the Swedish-Dutch Solid Fuel Ramjet Propelled Projectile
     EB04_437.pdf Aeroelasticity of Very High L/D Bodies in Supersonic Flight: Numerical and Experimental Results
     EB05_445.pdf A Simulation Technique for Analyzing Effect of GPS Receiver Characteristics on Performance of a Fire Direction System
     EB06_455.pdf The Transition Ballistic Simulation Facility
     EB07_463.pdf Acceptance Criteria for Fire Prediction Accuracy
     EB08_471.pdf On the Influence of Yaw and Yaw Rate (Magnitude and Orientation) on Dispersion
     EB09_479.pdf Diagnostic of the Behaviour of a Course-Correction Ammunition During its Correction Phase
     EB10_489.pdf The Influence of a Projectile Stability Subjected to Some Control Impulse Moments
     EB11_495.pdf Aerodynamic Aspects of a Grid Finned Projectile at Subsonic and Supersonic Velocities
     EB12_503.pdf Magnus Instabilities and Modeling for a 12.7mm Projectile with Roll Dampening Finlets from Free-Flight Tests at Mach 1.7
     EB13_511.pdf Wind Tunnel Investigation of a High L/D Projectile with Grid Fin and Conventional Planar Control Surfaces
     EB14_521.pdf Roll Producing Moment Prediction for Finned Projectiles
     EB15_529.pdf Aerodynamic Wind-Tunnel Test of a Ramjet Projectile
     EB16_537.pdf Numerical Model for Analysis and Specification of a Ramjet Propelled ARtillery Projectile
     EB17_545.pdf Numerical Ricochet Calculations of Field Artillery Rounds
     (missing) Cover Page - Warhead Mechanics
     WM02_563.pdf Multiple Explosively Formed Penetrator (MEFP) Warhead Technology Development
     WM03_569.pdf Barnie: A Unitary Demolition Warhead
     WM04_575.pdf Experimental and Numerical Studies of Annular Projectile Charges
     WM05_583.pdf Shaped Charge Warheads Containing Low Melt Energy Metal Liners
     WM06_591.pdf Comparing Alternate Approaches in the Scaling of Naturally Fragmenting Munitions
     WM07_599.pdf Effect of Fragment Impact on Shaped Charge Functioning
     WM08_607.pdf Breakup of Shaped-Charge Jets: Comparison Between Experimental and Numerical Data
     WM09_615.pdf Application of Overdriven Detonation of High Explosives to Shaped Charges
     WM10_623.pdf Relative Performance of Anti-Air Missile Warheads
     WM11_631.pdf A Retrospective of the Past 50 Years of Warhead Research and Development -- The Pre- and Present Computer Model Era
     WM12_639.pdf Time-Reversed, Flow-Reversed Ballistics Simulations: Do They Have Potential for Ballistics Design?
     WM13_647.pdf TNT Blast Scaling for Small Charges
     WM14_655.pdf A Novel Approach to the Multidimensional Nature of Velocities of Fragments Originating from Convex Shaped Warheads
     WM15_663.pdf Fragmentation Properties of Aermet(r) 100 Steel in Two Material Conditions
     WM16_671.pdf Using a Numerical Fragmentation Model to Understand the Fracture and Fragmentation of Naturally Fragmenting Munitions of Differing Materials and Geometries
     WM17_679.pdf Dual Mode Warhead Technology for Future Smart Munitions
     WM18_685.pdf Steerable Hitiles Against TBM Warheads
     WM19_691.pdf The Design of Small-Calibre Tandem Warhead Against Tank with Reactive Armour
     WM20_697.pdf Application of Loose Powder Liner Shaped Charges to Avalanche Control
     WM21_705.pdf Lasers for AP-Mine Neutralisation
     WM22_713.pdf A Reactive Mine Clearing Device: REMIC
     WM23_719.pdf The Measure of Jet "Goodness"
     WM24_725.pdf Some Improvements into Analytical Models of Shaped Charge Jet Formation
     WM25_733.pdf Role of Texture in Spin Formed Cu Shaped-Charge Liners
     WM26_741.pdf Predicted and Experimental Results of Shaped Charge Penetration with Liners of Measured Wall Thickness Variation
     WM27_749.pdf The Design and Performance of Annular EFP's
     WM28_755.pdf Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFP) with Canted Fins
     WM29_763.pdf Analytical Code and Hydrocode Modelling and Experimental Characterisation of Shaped Charges Containing Conical Molybdenum Liners
     WM30_773.pdf The Contribution to the Optimization of Detonation Wave in the Shaped Charge Construction
     WM31_781.pdf Variational Principle for Shaped Charge Jet Formation
     WM32_789.pdf The Effects of Finite Liner Acceleration on Shaped-Charge Jet Formation
     WM33_797.pdf Investigation of Several Possibilities to Disturb the Jetting Process of 40mm / 60deg Charges
     WM34_803.pdf Further Analytical Modelling of Shaped Charge Jet Break-Up Phenomena
     WM35_811.pdf Shaped Charge Jet Break-Up Time Formula Confirmed
     WM36_819.pdf Computer Simulation of Shaped Charge Jet Fragmentation
     WM37_827.pdf Determination of Dynamic Tensile Strength of Metals from Jet Break-Up Studies
     WM38_835.pdf Coupled Map Lattice Model of Jet Breakup
     WM39_843.pdf The Indeterminacy of the Outgoing Flow of Two Impinging Asymmetric Jets
     WM40_851.pdf Electromagnetic Control of the Shaped-Charge Effect
     WM41_859.pdf Aero Stripping from a Water Jet
     WM42_867.pdf Photoinstrumentation for Warhead Characterisation
     TB1043.pdf Cover Page - Terminal Ballistics
     TB011045.pdf Whipple Shields Against Shaped Charge Jets
     TB021053.pdf General Overview of Capability in the Simulation of Shaped Charge Penetrating Soil/Concrete Targets
     TB031061.pdf Analytical Model to Analyze the Passive Reactive Cassettes
     TB041069.pdf Approximating the Ballistic Penetration Function of a Jet in a Multi-Cassette Target by the Use of Neural Networks
     TB051077.pdf Sensitivity of ERA-Boxes Initiated by Shaped Charge Jets
     TB061083.pdf A Numerical Investigation of Top-Attack Submunition Impact on Steel Target
     TB071091.pdf Protective Power of Thick Composite Layers Against Medium-Caliber Long-Rod Penetrators
     TB081099.pdf The Effect of Matrix Type on the Ballistic and Mechanical Performance of E-Glass Composite Armour
     TB091107.pdf Size Scaling in Ballistic Limit Velocities for Small Fragments Perforating Thin Plates
     TB101115.pdf Reference Correlations for Tungsten Long Rods Striking Semi-Infinite Steel Targets
     TB111123.pdf Oblique Plate Perforation by Slender Rod Projectiles
     TB121133.pdf Tungsten into Steel Penetration Including Velocity, L/D, and Impact Inclination Effects
     TB131141.pdf On the Behaviour of Long-Rod Penetrators Undergoing Lateral Accelerations
     TB141151.pdf Penetration Comparison of L/D = 20 and 30 Mono-Block Penetrators with L/D = 40 Jacketed Penetrators in Different Target Materials
     TB151159.pdf Definition and Uses of RHA Equivalences for Medium Caliber Targets
     TB161167.pdf Analytical Model of Long Rod Interaction with Spaced-Plate Targets
     TB171175.pdf Penetration of AP Projectiles into Spaced Ceramic Targets
     TB181183.pdf Behavior and Performance of Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Metals in Ballistic Impacts
     TB191191.pdf Kinetic Energy Projectiles: Development History, State of the Art, Trends
     TB201199.pdf Kinetic Energy KE Ammunition for Medium Calibre Weapon Systems
     TB211207.pdf Multirole APFSDS-T Expanding the Traditional Terminal Ballistics for Medium Calibre Applications
     TB221215.pdf Penetrating Mechanics of Extending Hemicylindrical Rods
     TB23122.pdf Evaluation of Replica Scale Jacketed Penetrators for Tank Ammunition
     TB241231.pdf Replica Scale Modelling of Long Rod Tank Penetrators
     TB251241.pdf High Velocity Jacketed Long Rod Projectiles Hitting Oblique Steel Plates
     TB261249.pdf The Penetration Process of Long Rods into Thin Metallic Targets at High Obliquity
     TB271257.pdf Oblique Penetration in Ceramic Targets
     TB281265.pdf The Influence of Penetrator Geometry and Impact Velocity on the Formation of Crater Volume in Semi-Infinite Targets
     TB291273.pdf Observations on the Ratio of Impact Energy to Crater Volume (E/V) in Semi-Infinite Targets
     TB301281.pdf Cavity Shape Evolution During Penetration of Yawed Long Rods
     TB311289.pdf Instrumented Small Scale Rod Penetration Studies: The Effect of Pitch
     TB321297.pdf A Parameter that Combines the Effects of Bend and Angle of Attack on Penetration Degradation of Long Rods
     TB331305.pdf The Effects of Stress Pulse Characteristics on the Defeat of Armour Piercing Projectiles
     TB341313.pdf Penetration Efficiency of Tungsten Penetrators into Glass Fiber Reinforced Resin/Steel Composites as a Function of Aspect Ratio and Impact Velocity
     TB351321.pdf Shock Reduction Power of Different Materials in Plate Targets
     TB361329.pdf Cavity Expansion Theory Applied to Penetration of Targets with Pre-Drilled Cavities
     TB371337.pdf Development and Validation of a Dwell Model
     TB381345.pdf Glass Ceramic Armour Systems for Light Armour Applications
     TB391353.pdf Ballistic Resistance and Impact Behaviour of Al2O3-Al Ceramic Metal Composites
     TB401361.pdf Dynamic Fragmentation of Alumina with Additions of Niobia and Silica Under Impact
     TB411369.pdf Influence of Liners on the Debris Cloud Expansion Behind Single-Plate Targets Perforated by Rod Projectiles
     TB421377.pdf Mass Efficiency of Aramid Composites Depending on Mass and Impact Velocity of Cylindrical Steel Fragments
     TB431385.pdf Numerical Fragmentation Modeling and Comparisons to Experimental Data
     TB441393.pdf Fragment Impact on Bi-Layered Light Armours Experimental Analysis, Material Modeling and Numerical Studies
     TB451401.pdf Penetration Analysis of Ceramic Armor with Composite Material Backing
     TB461409.pdf Ballistic Limit of Fabrics with Resin
     TB471415.pdf Finite Element Design Model for Ballistic Response of Woven Fabrics
     TB481423.pdf Numerical Simulations of Dynamic X-Ray Imaging Experiments of 7.62mm APM2 Projectiles Penetrating B4C
     TB491431.pdf Perforation of Spaced Glass Systems by the 7.62mm NATO Ball Round
     TB501439.pdf The Development of the Glass Laminates Resistant to the Small Arms Fire
     TB511447.pdf Model of the Wood Response to the High Velocity of Loading
     TB521455.pdf Terminal Ballistics of EFPs - A Numerical Comparative Study Between Hollow and Solid Simulants
     TB531463.pdf An Experimental Investigation of Interface Defeat at Extended Interaction Time
     TB541471.pdf Cutoff Velocity in Precision Shaped Charge Jets
     TB551479.pdf Performances and Behaviour of WCu-Pseudo-Alloy Shaped Charges with a Simple Model for Calculating the Stand-Off Curve
     TB561487.pdf A Computational Method of Fast Simulating Full-Physics Process of Shaped Charge
     TB571493.pdf Numerical Simulation of the Performance of Tandem Warheads
     TB581501.pdf Study of Spin-Compensated Shaped Charges
     TB591509.pdf Jet Perturbation by HE Target
     TB601515.pdf Evaluation of High Explosive Parameters for Reactive Armour
     TB611523.pdf Combination of Inert and Energetic Materials in Reactive Armor Against Shaped Charge Jets
     TB621531.pdf Interaction Between a Metallic Reactive Armor And an Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) Structure: Modelling Spallation
     TB631539.pdf Numerical Simulation of Shaped Charge Jet Interaction with Multilayered Target
     TB641545.pdf A 3D Modelling Study of the Influence of Side Wall Collision on Long Stand-Off Jet Penetration
     TB651553.pdf Effect of Multiple and Delayed Jet Impact and Penetration on Concrete Target Borehold Diameter
     TB661561.pdf Hydrocode Modelling of High-Velocity Jet Penetration into Sand
     TB671569.pdf The Effect of Obliquity and Conductivity on the Current Distributions Within an Electric Armour
     TB681577.pdf Taylor Impact Experiments of Electrified Copper and Aluminum Cylinders
     (missing) Cover Page - Vulnerability Modeling and Wound Ballistics
     VM01_885.pdf The Development of a Physical Model of Non-Penetrating Ballistic Injury
     VM02_889.pdf Advanced Multiple Impact Endgame Model Against Ballistic Missile Payloads
     VM03_897.pdf Assessment of Shaped Charge Jet Mitigation, and the Development of a Hydrocode, Analytical Model Link
     VM04_905.pdf Analysis of Active Protection Systems: When ATHENA Meets ARENA
     VM05_913.pdf Numerical Modeling of a Simplified Surrogate Leg Subject to an Anti-Personnel Blast Mine
     VM06_921.pdf Numerical Head and Composite Helmet Models to Predict Blunt Trauma
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