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This is a puppy on drugs! She just got back from surgery.

Here's a close-up of the underside of her new leg brace. There are four pins in total, two on each side of the break. All four go through the radius, but only two go throughthe ulna (sp?).

Drugged-out puppy doesn't even realize I've taken her blanket off for this picture.

These are the A-frames for the puppy's new sling. I'm letting the glue dry before going forward. The weird things on the floor under the A-frames are plastic bags I put there so that the glue doesn't drip onto the floor.

Here's an unfinished A-frame from a different angle.

Dry, glue! Dry!

The frame is nearly finished, and I'm testing the precision of my work with a spirit level.

A close-up of the level's bubble indicates the center beam is level along its length.

I turned the level ninety degrees and put it at the far end, and now the bubble's leaning a bit to the left.

Moving the level to the near end shows it bearing a little left here too.

I went ahead and put the level on the floor to see if the floor was in fact level. Lo and behold, the bubble leans to the left! I guess that means the structure is pretty level relative to the surface it is placed upon.

While I was being vain and taking bragging pictures of my weird thing, the puppy was getting ambitious. She tried to get out of her basket, and cause herself enough pain to whimper. I heard her and tucked her blanket really tight around her, to help keep her immobile (doctor's orders!).

I went ahead and moved Willow in her basket to the kitchen, where I was working. She seems to be more still when she can see me. As you can see, the frame is complete, and I'm working on the cloth for the sling. The framework now has longitudinal support struts, so that the rectangular sides are stabilized.

A close-up of the sling cloth. I have drawn approximately what I want to cut out for it, and where the edges need to be folded over and sewn shut.

Why does she have to be soooo cute? Her cuteness is painful in its intensity.

I cut the cloth conservatively for now. I can always cut more out of it, but I cannot as easily "put cloth back". This turned out to be not cut out enough, and I lengthened the "slots" for her legs to the point where nearly nothing was left from side-to-side. She's a really little dog!

Try as I might, I cannot find our thread and needle! I made do with a nail and twist-ties. I just wanted this damned thing done so I could go to sleep without worrying about Willow hurting herself.

Success at last! She wasn't sure about climbing into the sling, but she managed anyway.

She doesn't look very comfortable, does she?

A closeup of her face from the front angle confirms it: yep, she is totally unthrilled by the sling.

I took advantage of her being all slung-like to snap another picture of the leg brace. The doctor put some vetwrap (that yellow stuff you see) over the protruded ends of the pins so Willow wouldn't be scraping herself all the time.

She seems pretty well resigned to the idea now.

Uh-oh, she noticed me looking, and is giving that "So, let me the helll out of here now!" Sorry Willow, you need to stay off those legs for at least three more months. (As I type this up, she's next to me in bed, snoozing away. So I guess she's decided to adapt.) I sleep now too.