TTK Ciar's Personal Web Index

      The distinction between my "personal" web pages and the rest of my web site is a subtle one.  The rest of my site is for presenting objective information about topics of wide appeal -- computer software and hardware, battle tanks, nuclear weapons, the technological singularity, and so on.  My personal pages are a bit narrower in scope, and contains mostly subjective information of limited interest, which is related to my life, like food, opinions, politics, and pets.  They are also expected to be silly, gratuitous, and narcissistic, as I hope my "impersonal" web pages are serious, useful, and selfless.
      I am very camera-shy, and you will not see any images of me on this web site (or, if I can help it, anywhere on the internet), ever.  Likewise, I am loathe to give out descriptions of myself, beyond that I am thirty-something, male, married, anarchist, and living in California.
        Anyway, here's some stuff:
My Resume - read it, be impressed, hire me (or pass it to your boss)
Friends and Family - Links to friends' web pages
Quotes - Assorted witticisms to provoke consideration and joy
My Amazon Wish-List
Image Galleries pics of various categories
Willow's Web Page - Meet the family dog
My Code of Engineering -- how I try to practice my chosen profession
Many Random Short Rants about nothing of consequence
A Short Rant about the movies FearDotCom and Videodrome
Another Rant about the joys of scratching a non-stick pan
Recipes and Formulae
Frito Pie food recipe
Primordial Soup food recipe
Egg Object One recipe
Heart of Darkness beverage recipe
Formula for approximating the functionality of Pert's old (discontinued) Shampoo and Conditioner for Oily Hair product
        More will come later, as time and motivation permit.
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