Bill Moyer
UNIX Software Engineer, Distributed Systems Architect
Sebastopol, California 95472
  • C (since 1992)
  • Perl (since 1999)
  • Python (since 2011)
  • Javascript (off and on since 1999)
  • D (since 2018)
  • MySQL
  • Prometheus
  • Redis
  • Web crawlers / scraping
  • Metaswitch
  • NENA messaging
     Would Like To Work With
  • Data Lake
  • CUDA Kernel
  • D Programming Language
  •      Technical Competencies
  • ETL, SaaS / Cloud architectures
  • Data Warehouse development
  • High availability, high performance clusters
  • Petabytes-scale distributed systems
  • Big Data real-time processing
  • Self-repairing automation
  • Systems integration
  • Business intelligence metrics
  • LAMP stack, SOA, microservices
  • uWSGI, Python Flask
  • LXC Linux container process encapsulation
  • DBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • BSD sockets and pthreads (POSIX threads)
  • Structured and unstructured data processing
  • ElasticSearch / Lucene, Lucy
  • Natural language processing, OCR
  • Geocoding, GIS, TIGER/Lines
  • Structured, centralized logging
  • Workflow management: JIRA, Trac, Redmine
  • Source management: Git, Mercurial, SVN, CVS
    INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: (Santa Rosa, CA)    Software Engineer    June 2013 - Present
        Recurring savings of $60K+ per month automating E911 route event handling in-house (replacing DashCS), in a distributed microservice LAMP environment.
        Integrated diverse services and legacy databases (AT&T, Sonic, Intrado, DashCS, CalOES, Metaswitch), utilizing NLP to normalize and validate names and street addresses for emergency services call routing.
        E911 integration automation is fault-tolerant, self-repairing and monitored in real-time.
        Integrated OLT control logic with RPC system for remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and upgrading, using Python, Flask, and uWSGI.
        Implemented business logic in accounting system automation: Ledgers, invoices, payments, rebates, prorates.
        Developed dashboard reports for in-house analysis of prospective customer service applications, using Javascript, D3, jqplot, perl and SQL.
      Cyan Inc (Petaluma, CA)    Software Engineer    October 2011 - June 2013
        Developed horizontal scalability of CyMS network management system.
        Collaborated with engineers and architects to identify and eliminate barriers to rapid feature development by transitioning from a Twisted/PB-RPC client interface to a RESTful HTTP/JSON client API.
        Solved problems of encapsulation, maintainability, and scalability in formerly unstructured, unmaintainable, monolithic legacy software.
        Developed build, unit test, search, centralized logging, and juju charm components for BluePlanet network operating system, with RESTful microservice interfaces.
      Autonomy / Discovery Mining (San Francisco, CA)    Senior Software Engineer, Technical Lead    May 2008 - October 2011
        Head-down code-writing software engineer and technical lead for four-person engineering team.  Developed high-capacity/high-performance LAMP/SOA scale-out distributed data mining system for eLegal Discovery.
        Automated the Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) process, reducing time and cost of operations and enabling advanced setting of client expectations.
        Expanded the scalability of ETL to process concurrently on hundreds of servers via service-oriented architecture, dramatically reducing the overall time to satisfy contracts, and making it possible to accept contracts for processing large data volumes (tens of terabytes).
        At Autonomy's Zantaz office, implemented solutions for monitoring and troubleshooting tens of thousands of Xen virtual machine instances on thousands of physical CentOS servers in several geographically dispersed datacenters.
      The Internet Archive (San Francisco, CA)    Software Engineer, System Architect    December 2003 - May 2008
        Architect, technical lead, and software developer for the PetaBox Project.  Drove initial development of a very large scale LAMP-based data storage cluster (the PetaBox) underlying all SaaS.
        The PetaBox architecture allowed The Archive to rapidly establish new large (2,000+ servers) data clusters in multiple countries and scale expansion of online, instantly browsable data into the multi-petabyte (millions of gigabytes) range.  The PetaBox architecture is now standard for all Archive datacenters.  As of 2019, the largest PetaBox instance keeps more than forty-five petabytes of data continuously online.
        Developed software for detecting, quantifying, and correcting data skew between The Archive's geographically dispersed data clusters, proactively preventing data loss and providing Operations with data consumption forecasts necessary for the intelligent procurement of new data storage capacity.
        Configured, deployed, and documented IPVS/Keepalived for load balancing and transparent failover within the web server farm, enhancing the capacity and reliability of The Archive's web services while reducing demand on IT manpower.
      Hardpoint Intelligence (Sebastopol, CA)    CTO, Co-Founder    November 2003 - May 2008
        Co-founded business with former VP of The Sausalito Group (TSG) to continue supporting TSG's Asia-based BI/SaaS contracts following the dissolution of TSG.
        Redeveloped all necessary software to duplicate the functionality of TSG's SaaS without compromising intellectual property claims.
        Procured colocation facilities and populated them with web, database, and mail servers.  Configured and installed server hardware and software.
      The Sausalito Group (Sausalito, CA)    Senior Software Engineer, Senior System Administrator    July 2000 - November 2003
        Developed and administrated hardware, software, network, and database technology for international and multilingual Business Intelligence SaaS (english, japanese), including database abstraction interface library for the transparent scaling of the back-end system to a distributed database architecture.
        Developed software for automated rapid synthesis of customized, dynamic-content web surveys, demographic analysis, and real-time dashboard reporting.
      Flying Crocodile (Seattle, WA)    Senior Software Engineer    March 1999 - July 2000
        Developed massively multithreaded middleware in C for caching and distributing database access and other computational workload across cluster of FreeBSD3.2/x86 servers for proprietary demographics-tracking SaaS under heavy load (15 to 25 million hits per hour, sustained).
        Developed distributed and multithreaded software in C and Perl for tracking and reporting web site access patterns with failover and load-balancing capabilities.
        Developed system monitoring scripts in Perl for generating reports on distributed system activity and performance bottlenecks.
      Cygnus Solutions (Sunnyvale, CA)    Compiler Tools Engineer    April 1996 - March 1999
        Developed GNU toolchain: C compiler, assembler, and binutils.
        All development targeted multiple host platforms (Solaris, HPUX, Irix, AIX, etc) using a single code base.
        Worked on related projects:
      • Acted as technical laison with Cisco's tool department, merging Cisco's enhanced gcc with mainline gcc.
      • Developed optimized library routines for proprietary 128-bit SIMD-capable MIPS architecture used in PSX2.
      • Developed optimized glibc code fragments for customers' proprietary embedded systems.
      • Developed C and Perl software for providing controlled customer access to our PRMS database via web interface.
      • Enhanced gas peephole optimization for embedded targets.
      • Acted as technical laison to Cygnus' documentation and front-line support departments.  Gave educational presentations describing our products' operations.

      First Pacific Networks    Network and Embedded Systems Software Engineer    February 1995 - April 1996
        Designed software tools to interface with proprietary telecommunication devices, simulate network traffic, and assess product performance.
        Developed system software for proprietary embedded systems -- protocol stacks, power management, and remote configuration.
      University of California, Santa Cruz
      Computer Science, "Operating Systems and Compilers" concentration track
      Academic advisor Dr. Darrell Long
    Programming computers since 1978.
    Full work history, code samples, references are available upon request.
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