Vinge's Technological Singularity and related info

    Here's a collection of links to various information relating to the Vingean Singularity, Transhumanism, and other issues related to the impact of future technological advancement on our society.
     Vinge's original blurb about the technological singularity (html, vinge)
     13 essays responding to Vinge's original blurb (html, various)
     Vinge responds to 13 responses (html, vinge)
     More responses to Vinge's response (html, various)
     A short blurb from me about technological catastrophe (text, ciar)
     GAP-43, a genetically controlled protein which modulates intelligence (html, various)
     Searle's Chinese Room Argument, one of the more controversial thought experiments focussing on the nature of understanding in artificial systems (html, hauser)
     A Slashdot discussion about the techsing (html, various)
     A fascinating treatise on some of the factors which might limit the abilities of nanotechnology and/or a superintelligent entity (html, sandberg)
     Excerpts from a discussion of nanotechnology futures (text, various)
     Various paths that might lead to "the singularity" (html, clemmensen)
     Transcript of a talk Vinge gave at a college about the techsing (text, vinge)
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